Congratulations on selling TomTom GPS Running watches eligible for the TomTom sales incentive!

As a result of your efforts in selling TomTom Running watches you are now able to claim £15 for every watch you have sold!

To claim your sales incentive follow the simple steps below
  • Sell an eligible TomTom GPS running watch.
  • Fill in the online claim form
  • Upload a copy of the sales receipt/invoice showing the sale that you have made.
  • Enter your name, email address, retailer you work for, address and bank details.
When will you receive your incentive?
  • Your claim will be processed & validated to assess if the correct promotional product was sold within the promotional period and not duplicated.
  • Once the claim has been validated, the cashback will be paid into your personal bank account within 30 days.

Thanks for your continued support and hard work!

Eligible Sales

Eligible Sales: 21st June to 2nd August 2017